Hello Sewists,

With Christmas fast approaching it’s high time I started making some gifts. I’ve made paper wallets before (on more than one occasion!) This time I drafted my own pattern and thought I’d share it with you.

Four washable paper wallets

The Pattern

City Wallet Pattern

I struggled with how to make the pattern available at first. A quick internet search later and I learned that I could make a file in Google Docs available publicly through a link. Then I just had to settle on the format: I’d initially drawn the pattern on the back of a large envelope, I drew it again on a sheet of paper and scanned it in to my files. This was going to work, but obviously looked incredibly lo-fi. So another internet search and I found Google Drawings – after a few initial mishaps I eventually managed to draw out my pattern digitally (and have it fit on a single sheet of A4 paper!) The Outer Cover is nested over the Main Inner piece to make it fit, so you’ll have to either trace or draw that piece (it’s 9cm x 20cm)

  1. Download the pattern from Google Drive: here (print 100% – A4)
  2. If you’re feeling adventurous, follow the diagram below and draw the pattern from the measurements.

The Main Outer isn’t drawn in the photo below, and the Card Holder is better 5cm high at the outer edge, not 6.5cm as it is in the photo, so move the bottom line up by 1.5cm… (I just couldn’t face drawing it again!)

Measurements for the City Wallet (Main Outer piece not drawn.)

You should end up with three pieces that look like this…

Image of the three pattern pieces


I’ve made mine out of washable paper (I’ve got ‘rose gold metallic’ on order for some more already!) I prefer it when it’s been washed around 4 times, giving it a worn in look. You don’t have to worry about wasting water, throw a sheet in when you wash your bath mat or shower curtains – I thought it would act like a giant receipt or tissue, leaving papery bits over everything, but it’s fine. You just don’t want to use fabric conditioner or too much detergent.

You could use leather or faux leather for this too. Check what the reverse side is though as it will be showing in some areas. If it’s not too thick, you might want to stick two layers wrong sides together – use a suitable glue and check on a scrap first. If you are using two layers of fabric, add some extra edge stitching around the exposed edges for durability.

Cutting out

  • Cut out one each of the 3 pattern pieces.
Pattern traced onto washable paper ready for cutting out.

I found a roller cutter good for the curves and a craft knife & metal ruler best for the straight lines. (It’s at this point I’m envious of Wanderstitch’s cutting machine as I’d have these cut out and decorated in a flash! – give it a go if you have one, let me know how it goes!)


  • Fold all the pieces into position to get an idea of how it’s all going to look.
  • Decorate the wallet outer in your chosen way. (Patch/ embroidery/ pen, paint/ beading/ stickers…!)
  • Sew your label onto the pass holder – if your fabric has sides, this goes on the ‘wrong’ side.
  • With the wrong side up, fold the photo holder forward – wrong sides together.
  • Fold the pass holder back – right sides together.
  • Sew along three sides.
You can just about see the three sides marked in yellow… there’s a clearer photo further down!
  • Turn it over and sew the card holder along the center.
Card holder sewn into position on note holder.
  • Position the outer behind the main inner piece.
Outer wallet positioned.
  • Turn it over and sew along three sides to secure.
Sewing lines for outer wallet and photo holder (clearer markings!)
  • Tidy up any messy edges with a metal ruler and a sharp rotary cutter or craft knife.
  • Repeat repeat repeat!
Four finished City Wallets!
City Wallet in black washable paper.
Why not add an extra card holder by cutting one 5cm deep and one 6cm?

The Finer Points:

  • Fabric – Washable Paper
  • Needle – All purpose #80
  • Stitch length – 4.5mm
  • ‘Seam allowance’ – 0.5mm
  • Stitch finish – Backstitch or Tie-off

I hope you like the pattern, and I hope you find it useful either for yourself or as a gift. As well as being a lovely gift in their own right, they are also a great way to give gift cards or cash while still adding a really personal touch. If you do make one (or loads!) I’d love to see, so please use the hashtag #sewandrewcitywallet and tag me @sewandrew on social media.

Here’s to my next round of Christmas sewing!

Notes to self;

  • Try some thick-ish leather
  • Add a small seam allowance, cut out two of each and try a woven fabric version…?
  • This is the third Christmas of wallets – I’d better step it up soon!