Happy new year & welcome to 2018! If you read my roundup post in 2017 you’ll know that I scored a whole pile of patterns from the Simplicity website for winning the menswear category of the Simplicity Sewing Challenge. Cool huh?

My plan is to use all the patterns in a year. Twelve patterns, twelve months… I can’t promise I’ll get round to them all and I don’t know that it’ll be monthly, but we’ll see.

I thought I’d start off with one of the less challenging makes, jersey pyjamas.

I chose this pattern not just for myself, but also to have another option of boys wear for my nephews… although I made them for myself first! (… I’m sure Freddie the dog will get one of those sweaters too…!)

The men’s pattern is a loose fit, sweater with a kangaroo pocket, contrast shoulder/ sleeve pieces and elasticated waist trousers with patch pockets and no fly.

Against the pattern measurements I’m on the smaller side of medium. After looking at the finished measurements I decided to make the small. There’s quite a bit of built in ease and the fabric I chose is really droopy. It’s a cheap stretch towelling that I ended up buying loads of online, thinking it was something else! I can’t remember how many metres I got, but it’s enough to fill a cabin sized luggage bag.

I also switched the pockets to one-piece side pockets. Here’s how I did it…

  • I traced the front leg piece, drew on a pocket shape.
  • Traced the pocket shape to a new sheet & cut out 2.
  • On the trouser piece I marked the pocket opening and used fraycheck to strengthen a snip into the seam allowance.
  • I used iron on hem tape to hold down the fold for the pocket opening, then zigzagged it in place.
  • Position the pocket piece behind the front trouser piece. Pin in place.
  • Stitch around the pocket through the front trouser piece.
  • Make sure the pockets are still open once you’ve sewn the side seams!

I used the walking foot and mostly zigzag stitch (1.5mm width, 2mm length) finishing the edges off with my overlocker.

The top didn’t take too long either. I used some scrap jersey on the shoulders to jazz it up a bit. The pocket took up most of my time. The fabric is so droopy that hemming was a bit of a chore, it stretched out really easily so the iron on hem tape was brilliant for holding everything down. Probably adds a bit of stability too…? I’ve not used it before, but I’m adding it to my sewing arsenal from now on.

It looks like a romper suit for grown ups! You could say it’s possibly the ugliest outfit I’ve ever made, but it’s also fantastically comfy!

(I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them in the street, so I’m sure as heck not wearing them on my blog, so you can forget that right away!)

Size wise, they’re massive, I think the pattern is pretty roomy anyway, even going down a size. …But did I mention how droopy the fabric is?! – hardly able to carry its own weight! It all adds to the comfort factor though and a good wash and tumble should bring it all back together again.

Now I’ll come clean and admit that I actually made these at the end of 2017. And believe it or not, this was my New Year’s Eve outfit… seriously!

MrA & I went for a grown-ups-sleepover at our cousins for new year. They don’t live far from us but they’re in the controlled area for the new year fireworks, and they have a fantastic view of the London Eye, where the fireworks are set off.

So there I was, hot chocolate in hand, sloppy pj’s on, eyes up at the fireworks, seeing the new year in with three of my favourite people in the whole world. Perfect! (Well, almost perfect, as CousinM and MrA both have pyjamas made by me too, but CousinA is still waiting! – I’ll rectify that by next New Years!)

Have a great 2018 and happy Sewing.

Notes to self:

  • Check the measurements closely on more fitted patterns.
  • Make CousinA some pyjamas.
  • Buy more iron on hem tape.