Compared to last year, I’m WAAAY behind on my Christmas sewing. I’m not planning as much output as last year (Nine girls dresses!) but I thought I should get a move on anyway. A quick and easy one was this cute dog coat pattern that came free with Love Sewing Magazine.

I’d made one already, to try out the pattern for Corkys dog Freddie, And made a few minor sizing adjustments (he’s quite skinny). If you wanted to be thorough, you could measure your dogs length from neck to tail base, girth around the middle and a loose neck measurement. Then adjust the pattern accordingly.

For Freddie, I made the small, shortened it by 5cm and shortened the tummy straps by 3cm each (… fitting notes for dogs, whatever next?!)

I didn’t notice the instructions were in the magazine until it was too late. It’s pretty clear how it goes together though, here’s how I did it…

I used the leftover wool from my Tweedy Bomber (I can’t wait to wear it with Freddy & I in matching outfits!) and some fleece I had stashed under the bed.

  1. Cut out all the pieces.
  2. Zigzag the pocket piece edges and fold in the seams. Sew down the top.
  3. Sew the pockets to the main body at the big dots.
  4. Make the pocket flaps by sewing right sides together along three sides. Turn through the top opening and topstitch.
  5. Sew the flaps above the pockets with a 5mm seam. Press down over the pocket & sew again at 1cm.
  6. Make the tummy straps, turn, press, topstitch-and pin to the main body.
  7. Sew the collar along the curve, turn, topstitch and pin to the main body.
  8. With the main body piece facing up pin the lining face down on top of it.
  9. Sew all around leaving a gap at the bottom to turn through.
  10. Turn through, press and topstitch all around (start & stop under the collar) closing the gap at the bottom as you go.
  11. Add buttons or poppers (maybe do the buttonholes earlier if you’re using them)
  12. Lastly, sew hook & loop tape to the ends of the neck and tummy straps.
  13. Give it all a good press and it’s done!

I know I said it was Christmas sewing, but I couldn’t wait! … Freddy doesn’t know what day it is anyway, he just loves his new coat!

Happy Sewing.

Notes to self:

  • Don’t panic too much about Christmas sewing, most of the gifts didn’t get given until January last year anyway!