Sadly the Sewing Bee is over, but not for me! Challenging myself to Sewing Bee inspired makes (you can read about my snazzy smoking jacket here) it’s time for another instalment of #BustersBee…

Sewing for MissV. She’s been getting into the gym so I offered to make her a top. I saw this pattern and thought it would be perfect for her. New Look 6150.

I like the gathering details. On the side, it looks like it will allow lots of movement, on the sleeve head means I can relax about puckering and I like the gathered detail down the sleeve.

I got the fabric quite cheaply online. It’s like football shirt fabric. Quite robust and a bit of stretch.

I got my lefts and rights mixed up so the crossover ended up going the wrong way. I think I’ll get away with it though, especially if I don’t show MissV the pattern picture! Other than that it came together really well.

The main seams went together on my Brother 1034D overlocker and I used a twin needle on my Janome DKS30 for the hems. I really enjoyed sewing the elastic into the sleeves to create the gathering. I’ve (obviously) never seen that on menswear (can you imagine?!) and it was great fun. I didn’t manage to get any good  pictures before MissV ran off to the gym with it, but I can assure you it fit her really well! I was worried it would cut across her boobs, but it didn’t. If I get some pictures of her in it, I’ll update. So in the meantime…

Happy sewing!

Notes to self:

  • Always get a good picture before giving stuff away!

Post script:

MissV, perhaps outside the gym, possibly not after Zumba, in the top I made her, reaching for pizza…

… Have a great workout!