Hey Sewists!

I hope you’ve all had a good start to the new year? Have you made any resolutions? I’ll be honest… I haven’t. Maybe I’m too old for resolutions… maybe I’m too lazy… maybe I just don’t want to beat myself up over not doing something I haven’t been able to do for decades (ie: swim regularly!) and stand little chance of keeping up now! – I prefer to keep my ‘New-Years-Suggestions‘ a little more achievable… like the year I vowed to never return to a gym; I’ve stuck to that!

One thing I will do is keep on sewing and keep on blogging! And I’ve got a couple of nice tops to share with you today. I was given this amazing faux-fur-backed jersey fabric from Minerva Crafts – click Here to see the review I wrote for them – and I used two patterns from my stash, the Freesewing.org Huey Hoodie and the Everyday top from Ottobre Magazine – Family. First the hoodie;

The last time I made this the pattern came out pretty long. This time, before printing out another copy, I double checked my measurements on the database. I’ve clearly clicked something I shouldn’t have or taken a wrong option somewhere as the new pattern also came out fantastically too long. It was simple enough to cut it back, and I’m sure no one else will have this problem, but there you go.

I read recently (in the new Menswear Sewing magazine ‘Bartack‘) that Joost is looking to make the site more accessible – for luddites like me, that’s music to my ears!

The fabric sewed up well. I used a zigzag stitch and the walking foot all the way. I applied tape into the pocket seams to help stop them from stretching out…

And I chalked the opposite side of the zipper after basting it on – to give me points to match up on the other side.

I’d bought this beautiful jersey ribbing (from Maculloch & Wallis) that was a little bit too heavy for the fabric but felt SO gorgeous I couldn’t resist it. It has quite a loose stretch to it, so I could have made the cuffs and bands a bit tighter, but I’m happy with the results.

I didn’t want to use a facing – on jersey tops, I find that facings flap about too much & get in my way – so I took the bull by the horns, picked up my hand-needle and painstakingly stitched cotton tape over the inside seams. It took a bit of time to keep things looking neat but was worth it in the end. I’ve always maintained that I don’t like handsewing. Well, that’s not really true anymore … what I don’t like is; when you think you’ve nearly finished a project and can’t wait to wear it, only to realise that you’ve bagged the wrong bit or missed a step that can only be resolved by pulling the whole thing apart and starting again, or three evenings of hand stitching! … like most things, it’s less of a bother if you know it’s coming up!

Next up, the Ottobre top. I chose this because it has the shoulder detail and I could show off the reverse of the fabric there. I was nervous of getting those curves in neatly but at a slow pace, and with the walking foot on, it turned out okay.

Once one of the shoulders is sewn, the instructions have you sew in the neckband before sewing the other shoulder. I haven’t done it this way round before, and was a bit wary, but I gave it a go.

I didn’t have much of this ribbing left and so my neckband came out a bit narrow. This method did seem easier, but I think sewing the band in one piece to the neck opening (when it goes right!) gives a neater finish.

The whole neck opening seemed to turn out quite wide in the end. But the more I wear it, the less abnormal it seems – I’ve been wearing sweaters made from pretty much the same pattern for years now, so I suppose any change to the shape is going to feel weird at first… and I always thought my regular pattern was a little high on the neck anyway…!

MrA’s fallen for the hoodie, so here’s a rare shot for you… the A’s… all matchy-matchy!

Happy Sewing!

(‘Fresh’ out of tap class!)

In other news, I’ve got a new colour Sewist badge available in my Etsy shop… they’re a limited run again (only a couple of blue ones left now too!) so if you fancy spoiling yourself, head over to the Etsy shop now!

Thanks again to Minerva for keeping me warm this winter!

Happy Sewing!

Notes to self;

  • Don’t start getting all matchy-matchy!
  • Get more ribbing in the stash for the winter – that last one doesn’t really match!