Hello Sewists! Well, I may not have sewn anything for the last five weeks but I’m not going to let that stop me from blogging! One more week in plaster then, from what I can gather, I will have one of four potential outcomes;

  1. A miraculous recovery, light physiotherapy and everything’s back to normal.
  2. Some kind of splint, lots of physio…
  3. Another cast…
  4. If it’s all gone horribly wrong… an operation and metal inserted.

I’m hoping for outcome 1. At worst, a mixture of 1 & 2!

I’ll try not to harp on about it, but I’m really surprised that I haven’t been able to do more with it while it’s been in a cast. I honestly thought that after two weeks I’d be sewing again, but it just isn’t happening. Last friday I tried a bit of unpicking but couldn’t make it to the end. And ironing is still a struggle (and somewhat dangerous) – and of course, I remember someone saying ‘If you can’t iron, you can’t sew’ – harsh words… but kinda true!

The most annoying thing is that I can think of so many things I want to make, to make my time with a broken arm easier… but by the time I’d be able to make them, I wouldn’t need most of them anymore. (Obviously, slings that match my shirts, a handy shoulder bag, just the right height (and fastenings) to work with one hand. Pull on trousers, more TShirts, zip up tops, a loose jumper… the list goes on…!)

My CousinA once said to me (halfway through painting our living room) that if a shark stops swimming, it sinks. I knew exactly what he meant at the time, and I feel it even more keenly now.


I think it’s safe to say that I can reveal a few cards that I was holding close to my chest. I had big plans for Halloween this year, which I just can’t imagine achieving now. I was absolutely desperate to use these Burda costume patterns and had started to imagine how I might make them a bit more relevant…

Jon Snow and Jack Sparrow, anyone…? I know, not too original… any suggestions on how to pimp these patterns are very much welcomed!

It’s been both fun and frustrating watching instagram roll by. I’d hoped to join in with the #SewingSansFrontiers challenge to sew a kaftan… my friend MrsHart (who was going to recieve the kaftan) was especially miffed that I couldn’t participate. And I’m struggling along with #sewphotohop as best as I can. That’s a particular disappointment as it was the photohop that spurred me onto instagram (which led me here) where I found all you lovely people! I’m still hoping that I’ll be back at the machine in time to complete #SewingTheScene this year, but I’m pretty sure I’m deluding myself! Still, I’m not telling you about that yet… there’s still the Needle Case Tutorial Blog to dust the cobwebs off… the clock’s seriously ticking on that one! 😂

If you do follow me on instagram, you may have seen that I’ve managed to keep the tap class up. And THANK GOODNESS! It’s about the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. I’m not totally convinced that it’s aiding my recovery, but I hope its not hindering it either.

And, yes, that is the shorts from This Post in full tapping action!

Have you seen Portia’s #therefashioners is back again too. I’m really enjoying the inspirational blog posts this month. I’ve even got half an idea for an entry, but, especially after realising how much work goes into it Last Year, it looks like time is not going to be on my side.

It looks like as soon as I’m able to work again, I should take a month off to catch up with my sewing pile! I’d love to organise a Sew-cation sometime and just steal someone’s dog & drive off with MrA and a car full of sewing supplies to somewhere remote. I’d have to steal the car as well as the dog though, then it all starts getting tricky!

Lastly, I think the shift to SewAndrew.com has gone smoothly… so far…? I had trouble referencing an old blog post, but then it showed up. Hopefully none of you are having any issues navigating the site?

Think healing thoughts for me and hopefully I’ll be back to bombarding you with hundreds of construction photos of my makes in no time at all. (Remember, that needle case tutorial is a very real threat, still looming over all of us!) until next time…

… Happy Sewing!

Notes to self;

  • Take it easy when the cast comes off. Do the exercises & follow Dr’s orders.
  • Organise sewing projects into a relevant order.
  • Start polishing up that needle case tutorial!