Hey Sewists! I wrote a fabric review for the Minerva Craft Blog! It’s up on their site now, and a little tricky to find (if I’m being honest) so I thought I’d include the link they sent me here in case you’d like a read!

I don’t really know what possessed me, but I put my hand up for the stretchy lycra fabric. I should have chosen a fancier colour and made a dance costume for one of my nieces – but instead, I went for the navy blue and decided to make swimming trunks!

I didn’t get to finish the hems before I broke my arm, so rest assured, there are no Daniel-Craig-getting-out-of-the-sea poses from me… and not likely to be! Also, they’re a little bit pointy at the front (which isn’t actually noticeable when they’re on) so I may (or may not) make another pair one day… we’ll see!

They look so weird in that photo! To finish the hems, I thought I’d zigzag some thin flat elastic (5mm) to the inside, stretching it just a little, then turn that to the inside and sew in place… does that sound like a good plan? But as I’m unlikely to wear them, it’s unlikely I’ll finish them.

Anyway, I hope the link works!

Happy Sewing.

Notes to self:

  • Don’t make things you’re not going to wear (although they would be more comfortable under a wetsuit than shorts)
  • Now I realise how to cut & paste the links, here’s the link to my Seams Right Sewing tool review too!
  • And the Klona Cotton Pyjamas I made!
  • Now I really hope the links work!