Hello Sewists! You may or may not know that I’m a hairdresser by trade – I’m lucky to have lots of lovely clients, one of whom gave me this sari she had picked up on her travels.

It’s a cream background with this fantastic pattern on it – and a striking band of graduated blue along each edge. I’ve had it a while, and kept it in this bag… It might be the bag she gave it to me in (I love it almost as much as I love the sari!)

I’m not really making a kimono out of it. It’s a robe pattern: NewLook 6233 to be precise. Last time I used this pattern (Here) I sewed with wax print cotton. I haven’t made a silky robe for ages, not since This one so the stakes were high!

To cut out, I used the blue band along the length of the sari for the ‘collar’ and let the overall length of the robe be determined by the remaining fabric width (about 10cm shorter than the original pattern) keeping the blue band at the bottom. I also cut out the sleeves with the blue at the cuff. This meant I wouldn’t have to hem anything.

It all went together pretty smoothly. I was worried that the fabric would be really slippery but it behaved itself well. I didn’t even get the walking foot out.

Construction was straightforward:

    patch pockets
    shoulder seams
    flat inserted sleeves
    side seams & belt carriers

It was a bit of a struggle keeping the band even as it went around the curves of the front and neck. There are a few little puckers which would be less noticeable if I were a less aggressive ironer!

I French seamed throughout, sewing right sides out at 5mm, turning and pressing before sewing with right sides together at 10mm.

If there’s enough fabric left, I’m thinking of some lounge-pants to go with it. It feels cool and light to wear, perfect for the summer.

This summer in London feels like it’s going to go on forever but if I want to be prepared, it’ll be time to start thinking about winter sewing soon! I can’t quite get my head around that yet! … although I have had my eye on some beautiful wools already….

Happy Sewing!

Notes to self:

  • This would have been a perfect opportunity to get the (dreaded) rolled hem foot out!
  • Make a note of which friends/ family I’ve already made robes for…🎅🎄!
  • Looks like I’m late if I want to make ‘Christmas in July’ 😅!