The season is definitely upon us. Winter has come. You know those years when you make a good start on festive preparations in October only to find yourself hopelessly behind by December? Well, this year I seem to have bypassed the early-prep stage and gone straight to hopelessly-behind.

However; time waits for no man and Christmas Jumper Day is upon us. Even though I’ve seen ‘The Snowman’ live on stage, been to three Christmas parties (with another 4 to come…!) And made festive capes for a couple of the nieces… I’m still not feeling Christmassy. Although that’s a lie, I guess I feel Christmassy enough. I’m just not being as Christmassy as I could/ should. I’ve barely made a present and haven’t written any cards. In the craft-world, that’s grounds for a serious disciplinary!

The spirit clearly had me at some point as I’d ordered some black textured jersey from Minerva Crafts and a multi pack of coloured felt ahead of time.

And I’d decided on the design. I found an image online of a stag with baubles hanging from the antlers. I didn’t want to blatantly steal the image, so I used it as my initial inspiration and sketched my version onto an A4 sheet (the same size as the felt sheets).

So, with Christmas Jumper day at work on December 15th and the deadline for What Corrine Did Next ‘s #myxmasjumper just 5 days later on the 20th, I was left with no other choice than to get my Christmas in gear.

For the main Jumper I used the round neck jumper pattern from MCFAS (previously seen here!) Once the front was cut out it was time to get appliqué-ing.

I drew the baubles onto the felt and stitched across them. A dab of fraycheck on the stitches before cutting them out.

Pretty effective hey?

I used a lot of basting glue to hold it all in place. I knew the stretch of the jersey would fight against the felt so I loosened the foot pressure from 4 to 3 as well. With the machine set to zigzag I carefully worked my way around all the pieces, changing thread colour as I went.

… and … ta dah!

I tried out a few options on a scrap of fabric, and a short zigzag seemed to work best for the bauble-ties. Then, I ‘just’ had to make the jumper! I know this pattern fits me, so I just went for it. I normally use the lightening stitch when I’m sewing jersey but stuck with zigzag for this make. It’s a really springy fabric and the zigzag sunk into it nicely. I used 2mm width and 2mm depth.

Of course I finished all the insides with rainbow thread on my overlocker. Those spools finally look like they’re running down a bit and I’m undecided whether I’ll replace them or go for something different next time.

I’ve finally managed to hit a Christmas deadline. Two, in fact! Now, I really must write some cards/ make more presents/ stay out past 9pm/ BE MORE CHRISTMASSY!!! (… this jumper’s got to help, right…?!)

(Special thanks to Katie at work and her spangle-boosting-kardashian-esque filter…!)

Happy sewing and Happy Holidays!

Notes to self:

  • Try to make a more easily washable jumper next year!