Last year, I arrived too late to the party to fully join in with Me Made May. This year, I intend to make the most of it.

For many people the challenge they have set is to wear Me-Made every day. I am thrilled (& a little smug) to report that I already wear Me Made clothes every day. Since I started sewing nearly three years ago I haven’t bought a single item of clothing. I have endeavoured to make a wide enough range of clothes that I will never need to buy clothes again. The main exception is socks. (My mum has hand knitted me a few pairs, which I love, but even if her output could cover my needs, they’re not great for tap dancing in!) 

MrA has bought me a couple of bits too. I don’t encourage this, but he has very good taste and it is hard to refuse. He is getting better at buying me fabric instead of clothing now though.

The main pieces of RTW that are still in circulation in my wardrobe are coats and jackets. I have made a wool jacket, a waterproof jacket, a sports jacket and suit jacket, but I also own a very warm ‘Kooples’ winter coat, a trendy pleather hooded jacket from ‘Zara’ and a very nice ‘Hermes’ modern style riding jacket with a silk lining which I like to wear a lot.

The Kooples & Zara I’m looking forward to replacing with handmade (I’m keeping the Hermes one!). This is part of my MMMAY17 pledge. I am not challenging myself to post daily outfit pictures but to complete more outfits! Especially coats. One coat in particular, the Thread Theory Goldstream Pea Coat. I’ve owned the pattern and bought my main fabric since before the winter and have got nowhere with it!

This May I pledge to have made a good start on my pea coat. By this I mean to have at least made a first muslin and gathered the rest of the supplies needed to complete the finished coat.

The other part of my pledge is to make more clothes that aren’t for work. Probably 80% of what I make is for work. This is good as I spend most of my time there, I want to feel comfortable and happy in my clothes. But I would like more out of work clothes to choose from.

So I pledge to make more! I have the patterns in mind: I’ve already had some success with some of the casual patterns from the ‘Men’s Clothes For All Seasons’ Japanese sewing book.


Raglan tops…

Trousers & shorts

And most recently: Hoodie (which I think may get developed into my replacement Zara jacket)…

And I have also just downloaded the Finlayson Sweater pattern as a freebie from SewSewDef Magazine. I hope to make some non work versions of that too.

I’ve recently been lucky enough to be asked to contribute regularly to this new online sewing magazine. I can’t quite believe it and have to keep pinching myself, but I am very aware that ‘pride comes before a fall’ and so have been focussing on getting the job done rather than shouting my mouth off about it too much! I’m bound to write more about it soon though… if you’re interested…? So more on that another time.

In the meantime, I need to gather up some colours and get sewing! Good luck with your Me Made May 17 pledges!

Happy sewing!

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