I love a bit of gingham. Who doesn’t? I’ll tell you someone who really loves it is Karen from DidYouMakeThat, so much so that she’s hosting a ‘Gingham-Along’… Maybe you’ve heard about it…?

The task is to make something out of gingham and post it online.

I’ve got a nice bit of gingham from my (never ending) stash from LadyP. And the weather’s been boiling, so I needed a lightweight shirt to wear to work (in the obligatory black and/ or white). Perfect Gingham Project. I thought I’d made every variation of my burda 6931 shirt, but it seems there was one more left in it..

I used the line for the contrast front to cut the top-fronts, and cut the lower piece on the fold leaving out the centre front seam and placket. I left out the darts for a more casual feel & to give me a bit more space to get in & out of it. Lastly, I shortened the front hem by 2cm and added side vents.

I think the front yoke on the bias looks really nice as it goes into the sleeves. And the grandad collar was a natural choice. I’m really pleased with how it came out and I’ve had lots of wear out of it during this hot spell (summer?) in London.

Thanks Karen for getting me into some gingham this summer!

More Gingham!

As the weather will undoubtedly turn, I suppose I should have a proper, long sleeved, button up shirt too…

… Even More Gingham…

And, keeping in the spirit of things, I’ve lined the 2nd ‘toile’ of Maxine’s 70’s Top (for the Simplicity Sewing Challenge – if I ever finish it in time) with gingham too…

So there are my gingham makes. Thanks again to Karen for the push!

Happy sewing.

Notes to self:

  • Use up that ever growing fabric stash. 
  • Get a move on with the simplicity challenge!