MrA is addicted to charity-shop shopping. Me, not so much. Things have changed since I started sewing though. Instead of hanging around outside impatiently waiting I’ve started looking for fabrics.

I’ve had a few good fabric finds in oxfam stores recently. I thought I’d share a few makes and plans.

I love this fabric, it’s not really what I wear, the colour or the pattern, but I love the gold in the design and I always take it on holiday. It’s got a nice soft linen collar.

This pink one was a tablecloth I think. £3.50 for the equivalent of about 3m. I made the shirt to wear on holiday in Thailand, long sleeves for the temples. And I love the summery colours.

It’s not my best collar, but I get a lot of wear out of this shirt.

This was a great find from an Oxfam in Cornwall. It’s the exact same M&S duvet cover that MrA and his brother had in the 70’s/80’s. His brothers was this blue version. MrA had the green one. The polyester content makes it a bit springy but it’s surprising comfortable on a hot day!

I also found some nice navy corduroy in Oxfam in York, enough for trousers, £4. I’ll make them towards the end of the summer I expect.

And this embroidered duvet cover for £5 is going to be a Stevie Nicks style summer dress for my oldest (longest!) friend MrsH. If I ever get on with it!

It feels good to make the donation. It feels good to get more fabric. (It feels good to not be waiting outside in the inevitable cold/rain.)  Win-win (win!). Have you had any good charity shop fabric finds?

Happy hunting!