Hi, I wanted to try out my jacket pattern again. The last one was a big learning curve (read: Mistake!) I managed to not only choose the wrong fabric but also the wrong size.

Undeterred, I decided to make another. I used the same pattern, KwikSew K3485 (seduced by its apparent minimum hand sewing) and I had this lovely soft, buttery cotton twill (1″ white stripe, navy pinstripe) from the (seemingly bottomless) gift-stash from my friend LadyP.

I traced out the smaller size, and went for it. I had already decided to abandon the lining for bias bound edges and a Hong Kong finish (I just love that name, Hong Kong finish. Brilliant). So I just had to put it together like the last one… But better.

I did put a little pocket on the inside…

I keep meaning to try chain stitching the pockets down… But life’s too short! I’m starting to see the ‘joy’ in hand stitching, but I find it very difficult to put a garment back under the machine once it’s finished. I recently added a top button and buttonhole to my favourite pyjamas… It was a milestone moment.

The sleeves went in ok. A bit puffy, but ok. I’ve read about using a little bit of rolled up fleece inbetween the seam allowance as a sort of mini-shoulder pad. I think this would probably help, but I didn’t use any interfacing for the whole jacket; I wanted to wash and wear it like a denim jacket.

It was pretty clear from quite early on that this wasn’t the kind of jacket I would buy if I saw it in a shop (I did recently see it in a shop in fact, French Connection, and I can assure you I didn’t buy it). But I don’t dislike it. In fact, I love it.

I’d describe it as the kind of jacket Bert wore in the fantasy-chalk-drawing-scene from Mary Poppins. And that’s kind of how I feel when I’m wearing it. Nice.

In fact, not to brag, but, I wore it to a birthday party not so long ago and the first three people I saw came up to me to say ‘nice jacket’. Cool huh?!

I’m a bit ashamed of the pockets. I wish I’d just used the plain white for the welts, because there wasn’t a cat in hells chance of me matching the stripes, especially with the dart in the middle. If anyone’s having a really close inspection, I keep my hands in my pockets!

The collar went well I thought…

And overall, I’m very happy with it. I’m particularly happy with how it’s made me wear a jacket I wouldn’t normally wear without feeling like I’m dressing up. It’s very difficult for us home-sewing guys to not end up looking like Cam from Modern Family!

So there’s my summer jacket!

Happy sewing!

Notes to self;

  • Next time make a lining.
  • Try the fleece shoulder roll thing.
  • Think long and hard about how the pockets are going to turn out.
  • Don’t hide behind wash n wear, try something fancy next time!
  • Embrace hand sewing.