Hello again.

So, I found a free tshirt pattern online. Here. And it was a pretty good fit.

Just one issue, my puny-human-arms… If I had biceps like Brutus, there’d be no problem… But…

I had a quick search online but only found ways to reduce the circumference of existing tshirt sleeves, not pattern pieces, so I made a simple hack…

Keeping the shoulder the same, I went back to my pattern piece & removed an inch wedge from the middle of the sleeve. (I’m sure this has been done by countless sewers before, but never by me …)

 Smooth over the hem line & hey presto!

 I now have my go-to t-shirt pattern (& no need to go to the gym)

(It looks like the cap of the shoulder would be too acute if I had to take out much more than an inch, so if it’s a big adjustment, maybe a little from the sleeve seam too…? )

Related news: I took advantage of ‘black Friday’ to buy an overlocker!

So roll on summer, I’m getting some new tshirts.

Happy sewing!